Thursday, January 7, 2010

The overdue praise of Mr. Universe

My landlord man is a guy named Dan. Dan's last name is one of planetary origin, and yes I know there is more to the universe than our solar system, but Mr. Universe sounds better than Mr. Planet. Too close to Captain Planet, and I don't really know how Dan feels about recycling.

I think the first thing to say is Dan is probably in his late 40s to 50s and has a girlfriend. Just FYI if you start plotting things.

I met Dan after having found a listing on (certain guy's name)list. He seemed really nice on the phone and didn't mind meeting with us even though we had credit issues and things weren't going so great all around.

After he forgot the key, we were lost and late, we got to meet. A tall man, about 6'2-6'4, a hairline that has inched back a bit since his 20s, cut rather close, and he has a strong handshake he isn't afraid to use with women.

Long story short, which is mostly detailed in other posts, we got the place.

Reasons why Mr. Universe is so cool:

1. He took a chance on us and gave us a break.

2. Paint -

a. He said he will buy or pay us back for the painting we do.

b. We can paint how we want

c. He brought us supplies, a step stool, and primer so we could paint and spackle.

3. He genuinely wants us to be happy here.

4. He didn't want to bring my door until he had cleaned it and scraped off the flaking bits.

5. He emails and texts me. I think the texting is majorly cool.

Perhaps I like Dan so much because Dan is a good man. Everyone knows a "good man is hard to find." I don't really believe that. Though it is entirely possible that "a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."

Whatever your favorite saying about men may be, if you ever run into this one, it is likely you would like him.

To Mr. Universe, much thanks. And he's so cool, I bet he recycles.

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