Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'll be home for Christmas

34 Myrtle street. We got the place.

Yesterday I went to see my mom at the bank and run a few errands. Someone in Washington state bought some button earrings and I finally sent out my fingerprints and such to allow investigations into my character, background and other types of reports for a job. If I am trusted enough I get a job. If not, I'm not given a job. Let's hope I get a better paying job for the new year.

So I brought some jewelry stuff to the bank because they wanted to see it and was chatting up my mom when Dan came in.

Mom told me to turn around, look who was there. I was surprised and happy to see him. He did some banking and came to talk to us. He said he would like to rent to us. Meaning yes, we got it. The nook place. He wasn't checking that I worked at kohls, just taking my word for it because they have a silly phone service and I don't know any of the office numbers. He contacted my mom's references and they gave us good reviews. Five stars. So we officially get to start the move in and paper sign process on Sunday. Giving us about three days to get everything we want to keep out of the house.

I am excited and nervous because I have a few items I can't find that I want to bring with me. My major concern is my scrapbook with a bunch of photos I don't want to lose. I also have a scrapbook of Kerri's things someplace. And her curtains somewhere.

I know major items I'm taking like the bed and the couch and the two TVs. I will have to get my clothes together as well. That might be the more difficult thing. I have clothes all over the house and not all worth keeping. Again, I mention I am a packrat. I had begun the might purge last summer and had planned to continue it this coming one. So it is just going to be hurried along and I won't be able to dispose of things as I had hoped but I am forced to evaluate the bits and baubles I am clinging to. A fresh start for all. Mom is even getting a haircut on Sunday so she is starting fresh. This is good for us.

To packing.

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