Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How can I change the world if I can't change my life

The search continues for a dwelling after the disappointing Sunday experience. The neighbors were nice, the neighborhood was nice but when we got there the guy seemed surprised. I must admit I was a little surprised that he seemed surprised when we had set a date and time to meet. For sanity and privacy I will call him F. F was in a bomber jacket, airforce wing pins on the left. As he exited the house he said, "Well, I'm not really renting now because we are in foreclosure." He went back in a little and said, "but I'll show it to you anyway. Let me get the keys." Mom and I looked at each other and must have both been thinking something like "what the hell is he advertising this for and making appointments if he is losing his place" but I'm sure it was summed up in a four letter word starting with f.

We enter the buiding, there is still furniture left behind by the last tenant, the place is small, falling apart and the garage space is stil being used by the owner for storage. The bathroom is tiny and has a rotten floor. So it was a bust. As we were leaving, F told us that he was fighting to keep the place and because his name wasn't on the mortgage he had a good ground for objecting. We were also told we could move in if we wanted and they'd give us 60 days if he was foreclosed because we were new.

I told him to email me if things changed.

After sadly driving away, Mom and I went to Maryanns. She had me check fosters daily online to see about places renting and I did end up with a few. That night I Kara and I looked for some more places on a certain listing site. We found a few. So I added them to the list and got some sleep knowing I couldn't do anything at midnight on a Sunday.

Monday I made a bunch of calls. Most places won't accept the pets because they are 2nd floor units or think that the 2 large dogs are too young and too destructive. Which is entirely possible. So that brought my list of 20 to about 5.

One of the five places was supposed to be viewed today. However, I got a call today and told the time wasn't right as he has another appointment. I wasn't very excited about that place because it has on street parking and only for two vehicles.

There is a place I am hoping works out because it seems wonderful. And so far two other people also think it is wonderful. Mom and I have a 10:00 am appointment to see the place. I spoke to "Dan" and I use his name because he seems nice. We spoke for a while and he said that is seems like someone just needs to give us a break. We spoke about how I like to fix things up so I don't even mind if there are a few problem areas like funky walls or a room in need of a new paint job. Dan said that the place will go to whoever is most compatible with the place and whoever gets back to them fastest. So I am crossing my fingers that this place works. As not too many other places seem to be.

I am thinking that if nothing works we sell the cars, get an RV and live as gypsies. The new traveling circus. Who has a talent? Who wants to come?

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