Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don't get your hopes up, Kid.

We had an appointment today for my number one place. Any of my other places are like number 54 when I think about this one. Wouldn't it be nice if you always got what you wanted. (By the by, if you do get everything you want I want you to please go away, but seeing as how my wants are not usually in the cards I'm given, I suspect you won't go away.)

After being too sure of myself and knowing where I was going, we got there eventually. Not a big deal because Dan forgot the house key and was going to be a little late. (and yeah, I kind of love Dan as just one of those really awesome kind of people even if this doesn't work out.) So mom and I wait in the driveway for about two seconds, seeing as how we were a little late, and Dan shows up. Introductions around and it is off to the back yard area, a bit of conversation and then to the garage. Yeah. GARAGE. Just for the tenant who moves in there.

Then we make our way up a couple of steps onto the side porch where there is enough space for a small deck table and chair set for nice days. Upon entering the apartment/duplex we are bathed in light from all of the windows. To the left, the bathroom, stand up shower-no tub-no problem, pretty good space I think. However, our bathroom now is a little narrow. To some it may be small. To the right of the side entrance door is the door that leads to the basement. Yeah, I know, a basement where there are washer dryer hookups and storage space for things in sealed containers because he said it can get a little wet with heavy rains. Back up the stairs and if you were to continue on onward from the side entrance is the kitchen. To the left of the kitchen, beside the bathroom, though blocked off by walls, is a breakfast nook or computer room. And that only sounds odd now, it being next to the bathroom. It isn't when you actually see the place. The kitchen is not huge but not tiny either. It is a really nice size for one or two people families. Walking through the kitchen you encounter the rooster room. It is a bit crazy and I kind if love it. I wish we had more that would go with the room but I think it will need a new paint job and such if we get it. To the left of the living room/rooster room is a little mud room entrance which is awesome because I have always wanted a mud room and it would be so cool to have. To the right of the rooster room is bedroom 2. I call it that because it isn't the master or larger room. It is a daisy yellow with a blue carpet and has a very nice closet with a bunch of room. The other room is a straight shot from the kitchen, through the rooster room and into the bubble room. It doesn't have a closet and could easily be a living space rather than a bed room but it will have to be a bedroom for our needs if we get it. There is a section of wall that bubbles out like it could maybe hold a window seat if it just stuck out a bit more and there are three windows letting in a bunch of light. There is no closet so that is the only road bump for storage but not a big deal. There is a sealed door to nowhere that I love very much. There is also a stairway to nowhere that was used as a closet in The rooster room and I love that as well.

Most of the flooring is wood and beautiful. I love this place. There are places mom could plant, Dan is willing to let us have dogs and would even like to rent to us. He has to show the place again on Thursday, Which may already be today, not sure what time it is now.

I have some photos but I am afraid if I post them it will be a jinx on the whole thing. I hope to know more soon. We sent the application to Dan via Chester computers today while visiting Kara.

I want to hope so badly but I just keep getting my hopes up about things and get way too depressed if they fail. So, one step at a time, a little bit by a little bit and maybe soon I will be able to say we found a place, even if it isn't this one.

The cat is sticking his nose in my eye and pawing my cheek. Which, I think, means he wants me to pay attention to him. The cat almost always gets what he wants. Almost.

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